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[Review] Traitor to the Throne - Alwyn Hamilton

Titel: Traitor to the Throne
Series: Rebel of the Sand
Author/Autor: Alwyn Hamilton
Publisher/Verlag: Faber & Faber
First Published/Erstveröffentlichung: 02.02.2017
Format: Paperback, 570, deutsch
Synopsis/Inhalt: GoodReads
Review: 4*
TBR/Leseliste: x

Diese Rezension gibt es leider nicht auf deutsch!

This is not about blood or love. This is about treason.

Nearly a year has passed since Amani and the rebels won their epic battle at Fahali. Amani has come into both her powers and her reputation as the Blue-Eyed Bandit, and the Rebel Prince's message has spread across the desert - and some might say out of control. But when a surprise encounter turns into a brutal kidnapping, Amani finds herself betrayed in the cruellest manner possible.

Stripped of her powers and her identity, and torn from the man she loves, Amani must return to her desert-girl's instinct for survival. For the Sultan's palace is a dangerous one, and the harem is a viper's nest of suspicion, fear and intrigue. Just the right place for a spy to thrive... But spying is a dangerous game, and when ghosts from Amani's past emerge to haunt her, she begins to wonder if she can trust her own treacherous heart.


I read Rebel of the Sands a few months ago and I loved it. I really wanted to continue with the series right away, but I had a bunch of other books to read first, so I started it in may. I already adore the cover, the color is just beautiful and I love all the oriental influences.
As this is the second book in a trilogy this review will contain spoilers for the first book, but there wont be any for this book.

[My Opinion]

As with the first book I loved the worldbulding. To be honest, I loved the setting of this part even more than the last one. I liked the desert and the oasis, but the city and the palace are truly breathtaking. 
We do get less of the brand of magic we got in the first book. We see no Nightmares and not as much Demdji as we're used to, but the book still remains magical.

The plot has an interesting twist and I like where the story takes us. I liked getting a look in the Harem, as well as seeing the 'other side'. Of course, reading this book one sides with the rebellion, but getting to know the Sultan and hearing his side was really interesting as well. 

I was somewhat disappointed with the beginning, as it didn't continue on where the last one left of, but a few months afterwards. While what happened in between isn't that important for the plot I didn't like the fact, that it was glossed over. As what happend wasn't that important for the plot it didn't need to happen in the first place.

As for characters and realtionships I was a little disappointed with Jin and Amani. Their relationship seemed to be going nowhere. Or rather it seemed to stand still. I was really confused with the way they acted around each other. 
We also got to know Amanis cousin a little better, but I'm not sure if I like her or not. I'm not quite sure if she's beeing purely oportunistic or if she's coming into her own and showing true strenght. 


I liked the feeling of rebellion, as I already did with the first one, and I thought it was a very good sequel. I'm already looking forward to the last book and being able to dive into this world again. I rated this book 4 stars.

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