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[Review] Quests of the Kings - Robert Everet

Titel: Quests of the Kings
Series: Quests of the Kings #1
Author/Autor: Robert Everet
Format Read/Gelesen: kindle, english
Publisher/Verlag: Diversion Books
ReleaseDate/Erscheinungsdatum: 14.03.2017
Pages/Seiten: 322
Synopsis: GoodReads

I recieved this copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Da dieses Buch noch nicht auf Deutsch erschienen ist gibt es die Review leider auch nur in englisch.

I rated this book 4 Stars, which apperently is a lot higher than most other reviewers up until now. The reason for this is, that I didn't look at this book as an epic high fantasy novel for fans of Sarah J Maas.
That's what the book is pitched as, but reading the book under this premis will disappoint almost anyone. I didn't remember this pitch when I read it, mainly because I wanted to go into the book with as little knowledge as possible.
For me, this book was simply an interesting, slightly magical, historical novel and looking at it under these circumstances gives the book a very diffrent feeling.

This leads me to my first point. the worldbuilding. As I said, anyone who is looking for a very distinct, beautifully build fantasy world will be sorely disappointed. But for someone who doesn't have any preconcieved notions about this book it will simply seem like a historical setting with some very minor magical aspects. Aspects that are only mentioned a few times, but that don't play a vital role in either this world or the plot. 

The characters aren't that developed and the main character was quite bitchy at times. There is a lot of sexism in this story and the protagonist is reminded again and again that she is supposed to take more care with her apperance, find a husband and quit her job.
For a fantasy novel, especially one supposed to compare to Sarah J Maas, this is appalling and a reason to dnf the book. For historical fiction on the other hand, this is still annoying yet not that big of a deal.
Don't get me wrong, I hate the way 'things are' in this book, but when reading historical fiction you encounter things like this quite often, because this is simply the way things were back than. No matter how I feel about that now.

The plot takes quite a while to pick up, but even then it was a pretty easy read and when the plot finally picked up it was really interesting. I liked the way the book ended, with the quest finished, thanks to the protagonist, and a lot of opportunities to continues this series. 

All in all, looking at the way the book is marketed I’m appalled at the blatant sexism in this book, and will consider reading more books by this author very carefully.
Yet I still rated this book so high because, as I said, while reading this book and rating it and thinking about my review I considered it under the premise of an historical novel, so I have rated it as such.

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